The Blacklist on the Run @ Dirty Backyard

Here we go! Off to the urbal distress of the Dirty Backyard.

This small, dirty and grungy place fits Blacklist like a glove. It would be like a second home, the backyard behind the bar.

The Theme is in the Hood, street, hoes and gangsta.

DJ’s of the night are Miss Daxia & DJ Londen Callin

The party starts at 12 pm/slt.

Blacklist on the Run in da hood

Change of the name

Hello everyone,

Due to a few sudden changes in my Second Life, i decided to close some doors behind me, as new doors (to new adventures) open. One of those changes is the nickname i use for this blog and for my DJ-ing. To me a name is important and it links to me to a certain time, places and certain people, it has history. I will not forget anyone or leave anyone out, it’s not like that, but i feel it is time to make a change. I am going in to a new direction!

I already changed the header and sunday i will change the name of the blog to Miss Daxia. It’s all the same but under a different name!

I hope you will still come and visit my blog ♥

Daxia Darkbyrd

Daxia Selfie 006

Hangin in there in pretty thigh high boots

Pretty boots! That’s what this post is about really.

This great boots where made by Moon Elixir, a new shop (the inworld store will open soon) and i want to bring some attention to that. It’s their first item for sale but they are working so hard to change that.

You can buy the boots at We Love Roleplay! Look for stand 43, Lab737, it’s on the east side of the sim.

In the picture you see my loving Ebony Pet and myself, we both are wearing the boots and are loving them.

As this is still a Dickgirl Blog the pictures are in that theme ♥

Hanging in there 01 - Dickgirls Art, Futanari, Blacklist, Second Life, Daxtardly

Hanging in there 02 - Dickgirls Art, Futanari, Blacklist, Second Life, Daxtardly

Hanging in there 03 - Dickgirls Art, Futanari, Blacklist, Second Life, Daxtardly


The Blacklist Bar opening

Yes, we are back, the doors are open and we will stay. The Blacklist Bar openings night was great fun, and for me a sort of emotional climax, it rocked my world. So many people came over to party and see the new bar. Thank you all for the tips so we can buy extra decorations, really appreciated . DJ Keliana had a great set that took us back into the history of her DJ times and with matching outfits. Let’s have a peek at the pictures.

Blacklist Opening 011

Blacklist Opening 01

Blacklist Opening 02

Blacklist Opening 03

Blacklist Opening 04

Blacklist Opening 05

Blacklist Opening 08

Blacklist Opening 09

Blacklist Opening 06

Blacklist Opening 010

Blacklist Opening 07

Blacklist Opening 012

The Blacklist’s Openings Party

The time has finally come that we have a place again and we open our doors this Saturday, 1st of August at 12 pm/slt. All are invited to come and check the new bar out. We have DJ Keliana and Miss Daxia for the tunes.

The location will be revealed saturday, but i hope to see you all there ♥

The Blacklist Opening 2015

Blacklist on the Run @ Smash

What an brilliant party and what a mix up, Blacklist meeting Smash at their home base. I couldn’t had hoped it would go that well. Thank you Smash, thank you Zoe, Thank you Blacklisters and our 2 deejane’s of the night. If you haven’t been to Smash go check it out. One lovely place, chilled people and great music.

What a great show it was, DJ Keliana with her story, all the lovely and hot dressed up people and DJ Aida closing so fantastic. Here are the pictures, bit made in an old style to fit the theme of Dieselpunk.

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 019

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 020

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 02

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 01

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 023

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 024

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 03

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 04

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 05

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 06

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 07

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 08

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 09

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 011

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 012

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 013

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 018

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 014

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 015

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 016

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 021

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 022

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 017

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 027

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 026

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 025

BotR @ Smash Dieselpunk 010

♥ Till next time Blacklsiters and friends ♥