The Witch

INS - The Witch 1

Somewhere at Blacklist a Witch settled in. It didn’t took her that long to lure in a too curious girl who was just exploring the place. With a few simple spells she took her under controle and before she knew, the girl was dressed up in strange and old clothing. The fondling hands of the Witch exploring her body, arousing her.

INS - The Witch 2

Without any time to struggle, fight back or even protest, the Witch had bound her to her Circle of Power. Full with fear and without knowing what would happen the girl got pushed on her knees and a warm hard thing got pressed against her lips. With the hood over her eyes she couldn’t see much but by the taste and smell she quickly knew what it was, that got forced into her mouth.

INS - The Witch 3

The girl, not dirty of having sex with strangers, started to enjoy herself while she was sucking that hard throbbing cock. All of a sudden she felt how the cock got taken from her and while her lips still nibbled the air she felt a bum pressing against her face. Her long twitchy tongue knew what to do, licking the tight little hole of the Witch. She could her the approving moans while the tip of her tongue licked the Witch her tight bumhole.

INS - The Witch 4

The Witch helped the girl up and placed her hands on the Lectren. With her knees she spread the girls her legs and it didn’t took long before the girl felt the moist cockshead of the Witch pressing against her round tush. With no warning the witch plunged forwards, shoving the cock in the tight bumhole making the girl moan of lust.

INS - The Witch 5

She fucked the girl repeatly, in different poses but always from behind. Until the moment came that the mighty cock had to pledge her defeat over the tight milking rim.

INS - The Witch 6

The Witch pushed the girl on her knees, standing in front of her while jerking her cock. A big shower of warm sticky cum shoot out, raining down on the girl who wasn’t sure what was happening. But as soon she heared the moans, the sperm hitting her on her naked skin, her breasts and face, she did knew what was going on and she sticked her tongue out to catch some drips of the Witch her cum.

INS - The Witch 7

Happy with the outcum, the Witch posed the girl and took a picture to show her friends.

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