Zombie Fuck Fest at the Graveyard

This is not for the faint hearted!

The Zombie Fuck Fest

Zombie Fest 0001

When dickgirl zombies crawl out their graves they start looking for cock straight away. It doesn’t matter what kind of cock, dead or alive.

Zombie Fest 001

And once they got a hold they don’t let go until the like magic potion of cum shoots them free. This ritual continue as their hungry for cock and thirst for cum is what drives them.

Zombie Fest 01

Sometimes they get really lucky. Sometimes someone is dumb enough to go to a graveyard at night. And sometimes that person is in for a hell of a night.

Zombie Fest 02

That night a girl did so and it was easy for the zombies to take her down, rip her essential clothing off and fuck her in all the holes she had to offer.

Zombie Fest 03

Riding while sucking, the hard zombiemeat was filling her mouth and ass. The hungry moans rolling over the graveyard, lusting for more.

Zombie Fest 04

The zombie dickgirls couldn’t stop and even if they came, spurting their cold seed in the girls mouth and ass, they just kept going.

Zombie Fest 05

The girl, ravaged by the two monsters got what she never hoped for. A diehard fuck to kill for.

Zombie Fest 06

After they shoot their multiply loads, it wasn’t over and the girl prepared the two dicks. Making them hard and wet. She got a taste for it by now.

Zombie Fest 07

Slowly she sat down on the first dick while the zombie dickgirl behind her, shoved her fat member along side the other dick, filling that plump ass with two cocks.

Zombie Fest 08

The night grew older and dawn was coming. It wouldn’t last forever but the zombie dickgirls took the girl on a tombstone, fucking her like a reversed spitroast..

Zombie Fest 09

.. and breaking the girl’s spirit for ever. Just before the sun came up the zombie dickgirls crawled back into their graves.. waiting for a new night.

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