Blacklist on the Run @ the Back Alley

Blacklist on the Run Grunge

I never thought i would host a party here but it is happening. The Back Alley been in my heart for years now. It’s kind of the only real alley place in Second Life that is a grunge cozy dark alley. You should check it out if you haven’t been there… and shame on you ^^.

We start the event at 12.00 pm/slt with DJ Daxtardly and DJ London Callin will take over at 02.00 pm/slt.

I can tell you we are both looking so forward to this and we hope you will too. The theme is grunge!

I hope to see you all there

♥ Daxia Darkbyrd ♥

2 responses to “Blacklist on the Run @ the Back Alley

  1. So cool!

    I love that place and I think it’s gonna be a fantastic setting for a wicked party!

    Unfortunately, I don’t really think I can make it to attend *POUTS* but I wish you all the best for the party and tons of fun (and hot naked dickgirls :P)

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