This blog is about Second Life and the Futa’s that life there. It’s mostly showing pictures i been taking from a lot of different people who either are futa, dickgirls, shemales, herm or are closely interested in them. I like roaming the lands and exploring new parts, meeting new people and finding new opportunities for my snapshotting. So enjoy the pictures, i hope you like them ^_^

And here a definition of Futanari!

Futanari ( 二成, 二形; ふたなり, literally “dual form” ) is the Japanese word for androgyny or hermaphroditism. 

There is a specific futanari genre within hentai (pornographic anime or manga), which depicts hermaphrodite characters. Other common terms used to describe futanari characters are “dickgirls”or “shemales”, although these are often considered vulgar and incorrect. Futanari, along with “newhalf” (ニューハーフ), are more polite terms having come into recent use, with futanari tending to refer specifically to actual hermaphrodites and “newhalf” tending to refer specifically to characters with female bodies but only male genitals. Originally futanari referred to any character that possessed masculine and feminine traits.

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