Blacklist on the Run @ Smash

This saturday we are visiting the awesome club Smash. This place has been around for years and it’s such a fun and good going club. Most respect to Zoe who runs it and her legion of DJ’s. It’s one of those places you got to visit when there are DJ’s but lucky for you… Smash has DJ’s almost every day.

The DJ’s of the night are DJ Keliana and DJ Aidialinette, both DJ’s at Smash. They will rock your world i am sure off.

The theme is Dieselpunk.

[IMPORTANT: As this is a Mature Land erections aren’t allowed, neither is public sex display. So no visaul humping for you.]

Blacklist on the Run Dieselpunk

Blacklist on the Run @ the Bumrose

Another great party and what a beautiful turnout. I was really happy to see all those people coming over to join us at the Bumrose. This little Eden got transformed into a dickgirl paradise! Great thanks to Dona and Evelyne for letting us party there and to London for DJing an awesome set.

Here are the pictures and i like to apologize up front as they aren’t my best. But i hope they are good enough. Thank you all for coming ♥

BotR - Summer Sloppy 001

BotR - Summer Sloppy 002

BotR - Summer Sloppy 003

BotR - Summer Sloppy 004

BotR - Summer Sloppy 005

BotR - Summer Sloppy 010

BotR - Summer Sloppy 009

BotR - Summer Sloppy 008

BotR - Summer Sloppy 007

BotR - Summer Sloppy 006

BotR - Summer Sloppy 012

BotR - Summer Sloppy 013

BotR - Summer Sloppy 014

BotR - Summer Sloppy 016

BotR - Summer Sloppy 017

BotR - Summer Sloppy 020

BotR - Summer Sloppy 019

BotR - Summer Sloppy 018

BotR - Summer Sloppy 015

BotR - Summer Sloppy 011

Blacklist on the Run @ The Bumrose

This little tropical paradise is hidden somewhere far away. With beautifull beaches and one small island. It’s this small island where we set up our summer camp, dance to the music, chat and play.

The Bumrose is a must to have seen, one that is around for a while and the owners have taken great care of it. I am very happy they said yes, yes to the Blacklist! Yes to our party and yes to fun ^^.

the party will start at 12.00 pm/slt with DJ Daxatardly and at 02.00 pm/slt DJ London Callin will take over. The theme is summer, so its broad and easy and very doable!

I hope to see you all there

♥ Daxia

Blacklist on the Run Sloppy Summer