The Blacklist Bar opening

Yes, we are back, the doors are open and we will stay. The Blacklist Bar openings night was great fun, and for me a sort of emotional climax, it rocked my world. So many people came over to party and see the new bar. Thank you all for the tips so we can buy extra decorations, really appreciated . DJ Keliana had a great set that took us back into the history of her DJ times and with matching outfits. Let’s have a peek at the pictures.

Blacklist Opening 011

Blacklist Opening 01

Blacklist Opening 02

Blacklist Opening 03

Blacklist Opening 04

Blacklist Opening 05

Blacklist Opening 08

Blacklist Opening 09

Blacklist Opening 06

Blacklist Opening 010

Blacklist Opening 07

Blacklist Opening 012

Futa Love Fest – Devil May Care

Futa Love Fest 39

Oh yes its time to party!

This coming saturday we will have another Futa Love Fest, edition 39. The best party of SL? Hell yes! And that is the theme for this party, Devil, so get dressed up and join the fun.

Saturday 30th of August at the Blacklist. We start at 12 pm/slt with DJ London.

We will have LM givers at the bar if you miss the group taxi ^^

Demonic Stuffing

Demonic Stuffing 1 - Dickgirls, Futa, Blacklist, Second Life

Meet C, a demoness with an artistic nature. Aside of bringing humans to their knees and corrupting them she also draws. I did got her businesscard before i got split in two and i shall share it with you! To see her work of art follow this link and check the work of RedH

Demonic Stuffing 2 - Dickgirls, Futa, Blacklist, Second Life

We went for a stroll talking about her work when she noticed a matrass laying in a corner. The garbadgemen hadn’t taken it along and it looked dirty to me but she pushed me on it and i fell down with my face down and my ass up. It didn’t took her any effort to rip my pantyhose open and rubbing her cock against my ass. I can asusre you that i protested and tried to fight back. I screamed and clawed the matrass but she pinned me down and the size of her demonic cock paralyzed me.

Demonic Stuffing 3 - Dickgirls, Futa, Blacklist, Second Life

So she took me there, ripping my tiny butthole open till gallons of cum shot out, soaking me with her hot sticky jizz.

*sighs* Those horny demons… *sighs*