The Blacklist’s Openings Party

The time has finally come that we have a place again and we open our doors this Saturday, 1st of August at 12 pm/slt. All are invited to come and check the new bar out. We have DJ Keliana and Miss Daxia for the tunes.

The location will be revealed saturday, but i hope to see you all there ♥

The Blacklist Opening 2015

Toilet Slutting

Toilet slutting 1 - Dickgirls Art, Futanari, Blacklist, Second Life

Toilet slutting 2 - Dickgirls Art, Futanari, Blacklist, Second Life

I like to roam the dirty places and see what trouble i can get into. In this case posing myself at the sink in the toilet and wiggling with my butt gave the desired result. A quick touching up and then feeling that hard cock sliding in my butt. Getting fucked and watching myself in the mirror at the Back Alley.

The Back Alley is back!!

The Back Alley is back!!

Yes it is true and i believe it’s even at the same place. The new owner, Cyberskybing,  has gone through a lot of trouble to make it look and feel like the old one and i think she succeeded perfectly in it. There are a few changes but i like them. Not all items are back but a load are. It’s just amazing.

What i liked most about the Back Alley was that is was really for everyone. I don’t think one group really dominated, just a happy group of perverts ^^.

For this ocassion i dedicate this post to the Back Alley and give you a little view.

Back Alley 01

Just outside the landingzone you already can get busy. I brought a slut to give me a hand with the pictures.

Back Alley 02

Inside the bar there is the wonderful pooltable of Batteries Not Included, i love the poses.

Back Alley 03

And the toilets are still there, such a good way to test if your slut is really a Slut.

Back Alley 05

And mine is, giving me her tight little ass to fuck.

Back Alley 04

This part is sort of new, they changed the layout a little but i like how they did it.

Yes, the Back Alley is back and you should get all your pervy asses over there to check it out.


Happy New Year - Dickgirls, Futa, Blacklist, Second Life


Well.. another year behind us and i got this blog almost for a year! Maybe i go for another year.